Just A Few Spells More

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Just A Few Spells More

Postby Agrippa » Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:05 am

The purpose of this thread, other than simply an excuse for a thinly veiled Clint Eastwood film reference, is for posting new homemade spells for LL and similar games to it for sharing and review. I'll post new spells of mine and you can post new spells of your own. It's a hombrew D&D "I'll show you and you show me yours." So here it goes, the first spell I post in this thread.

Blood Lash
Level: MU X (I'm looking at 4-5)
Range: Self, See text
Components: V, S, Special and Burn
Duration: One turn per three casting levels.
Casting Time: 3 or 4 segments/ticks
Effect: Creates a whip out of the caster's own blood.

This gruesome spell is rightly considered a tactic of desperate, if not last, resort among all magicians. Not because of it's moral and ethical problems, no more than any other combat magic, but instead due to the requirement that the caster must suffer from a open wound to cast it. In casting this incantation the magus draws forth a glut of blood from her wounds and causes it to take the form of a scourge of gore. The whip is of Short (25'+ 5'/2 levels) length but can ultimately be what ever length the caster decides within this range. The blood lash deals xdx points of slashing damage per hit on a successful melee attack roll, using the caster's current Attack Value and is treated as a magical weapon +1 +1 more/2 levels for purposes of striking incorporeal creatures and general immunity.

Special: Must have suffered at least one wound from a slashing or piercing weapon.

Burn: Constructing the blood lash requires the magician to pay the cost in her own and to such an extant that she ravages her own body in the processes. Casting blood lash costs 2 points of Constitution burn.

Sorcerous Blood Lash
Level: Sor X

Okay then, that's my first spell of the thread, inspired by the Exalted spell of the same name. Now I haven't decided on how much damage it should inflict, how its effective attack bonus should rise or the exact level for the spell. I'd like some help with that so if anyone has any ideas feel free to air them out. Once I'm done with the primary version of blood lash I'll be able to worn on the sorcerous/psionic version.
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Re: Just A Few Spells More

Postby Agrippa » Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:11 am

Yet another Exalted spell to convert. Here it goes.

Burning Eyes of the Offender
(evocation or illusion)
Level: MU 5
Range: Self
Area: 300' radius centered on the caster.
Components: V and S
Duration: 1 minute/level
Casting Time: 5 segments/ticks
Effect: Bright halo of blinding light.

The magus lays his hands flat against one another as if in prayer. He then spreads his fingers apart and shapes his hands into a cupping/grasping pose while keeping the tips of his thumbs and fingers touching. At the same time the magus chants a brief incantation, conjuring a a bright silvery-white light between his palms. He then touches his thumbs to his nasion and his forefingers to just below his hairline, unleashing the swirling mass of light into the form of a halo around his head. Often times this corona remains silvery-white in color, but can vary based upon the magician's inclination and the nature of his powers.

The light shed by this halo is equal to that from a midday sun on a clear day, out to a distance of 300' from the magus. More importantly, Burning Eyes of the Offender sears the eyes of all foes of the magus within reach of this power. All creatures within 300' feet of the caster suffer a -1 to all attacks against him per/3 levels, unless already blind or averting their gaze, due to the unbearable light emanating from the mage. In addition, the blinding light of this spell renders it difficult for opposing mages to unleash their own combat magics against this spell's caster and those in his general vicinity. This grants all those within the area of a spell targeting the caster, including the caster himself, a +1 to saving throws per/3 levels.
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