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Old Magazine Articles

Postby Jay_NOLA » Fri Aug 21, 2015 4:56 pm

This is a listing of all the Starships & Spacemen 1st edition magazine articles that were published.

I included some general notes about what each article is about and mentioned things to be aware of regarding it.

Alien and Starships & Spacemen, by Leonard H, Kanterman, Different Worlds #8, (Notes: This is a review of the film Alien and a Starships & Spacemen scenario based on the film.)

Corrections to Issue 9 of The Dungeoneer, by Paul Jaquays, The Dungeoneer #10, (Notes: Several corrections for the Sart’o creature for S&S are among the various corrections given to things in issue 9.)

Humanoid Variations for Starships & Spacemen, by Charles Elsden of the original S&S crew, White Dwarf #11, (Notes. Charles Elsden was one of the original play testers of S&S; his name is mentioned in the S&S rule book. Several new humanoid races, variations, and encounter/NPC ideas are in the article.)

Monster Matrix, by Paul Jaquays, based on drawing by Aaron Arocho, The Dungeoneer #9, (Notes: S&S stats for 2 new creatures and 1 new race, the Sluj’, Slujini, and the Sart’o. The Sart’o has several errors in the description of it that were fixed in a latter issue of The Dungeoneer.)

Monster Matrix Vostorian Prolachator (S&S) by Paul Jaquays, The Dungeoneer #12, (Notes: This is a new creature. The issue also had 2 other new creatures as part of the Monster Matrix of the issue but they are not for S&S.)

Monster of the Month Blutschink, by Roland Pehar, The Dungeoneer #12, (Notes: Stats and descriptions are given for the Blutschink for S&S and several other game systems. The D&D and Gamma World/Metamorphosis Alpha versions that are in the article will be helpful for those wanting to convert the Blutschink to 2e S&S.)

My Life and Role Playing, by Leonard H. Kanterman, M.D. and others, Different Worlds #1, (Notes: Leonrd H. Kanterman’s section of the article is titled “Where No Man Has gone Before”. He talks about the design of S&S in it.)

Star Ranger (character class for S&S), by Paul Jaquays, The Dungeoneer #9, (Notes: It isn’t a character class a PC can select and is instead a type of NPC that can be encountered.)

Starships & Spacemen a review, by Richard Bartucci, The Space Gamer #18, (Notes: This is a very negative review of S&S. The article is included only because Leonard H, Kanterman, M.D. addressed the article directly in a designer’s notes article for S&S that appeared in a latter issue.)

Starships & Spacemen: designer’s notes, Leonard H, Kanterman, M.D., The Space Gamer #20, (Notes: The Richard Bartucci review from an earlier issue influenced the article, and it is mostly a rebuttal by the S&S designer to that review.)

Starships & Spacemen Expansion Kit, by Leonard H, Kanterman, M.D., Different Worlds #2, (Notes: The Goblinoid Games edition of Starships & Spacemen includes all the material and corrections from this article in it. The article contains errata, addenda, and new material for S&S.)

New copies of several old Different World issues can still be purchased at:


The 2 issues of the Space Gamer are now public domain and can be read online or download in PDF format at:



Download links to PDFs or forum posting of the text for most of the articles from the various magazines can be found in the Starships & Spacemen section of the Old School Trek RPG forum at:


A download link for the White Dwarf issue can be found in this Goblinoid Games forum thread at:


Other issues of The Dungeoneer may have S&S material in them that I missed. The online descriptions of the issues on various site soften don’t mention if an article is made for use with multiple systems or fixes something S&S that was in a previous issue. I only bothered to track down a copy of the ones I knew for certain had S&S stuff in them.)
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Re: Old Magazine Articles

Postby greyarea » Sat Aug 22, 2015 12:33 am

Excellent collection.

I just read the two Space Gamer articles. Interesting stuff!
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Re: Old Magazine Articles

Postby az_gamer » Sat Aug 22, 2015 6:53 pm

indeed interesting stuff, thanks for finding all this and putting it together
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