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IvanMike can't log in

PostPosted: Wed Jul 08, 2015 6:35 pm
by greyarea
Hey Dan,

I received this message on the Dragonsfoot forums. Can you help him out?

hey there. I am not having any luck contacting Dan via email or his facebook link. I used the same moniker on the goblinoid games forum for a post or two about four years ago. After taking a hiatus from gaming to deal with RL, i wanted to get involved with a LL PBP game on the goblinoid forums, but oddly, i cannot remember the password i used. I attempted to have a new one sent to me and never got one so i am completely unable to log in or to contact moderators or administrators for assistance. - I did check my spam folder.

I always use the moniker IvanMike, and always use the email - It's the only one i use. If you could contact the GG admin(s) and see if they could help me that would be great. I'm stumped as to why i'm not getting a new password.

Thanks a ton.