Dreipeds, Daelans, Gorrans, & Hykhot Names

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Dreipeds, Daelans, Gorrans, & Hykhot Names

Postby Jay_NOLA » Sun Jun 26, 2016 10:38 pm

What are Dreipeds, Daelans, Gorrans, & Hykhot names like?

1st edition S&S gave information on Andromedans, Tauran, & Rigel names.

So I'm wondering what the names and naming guidelines for the new 2nd edition races characters races are or if any one has created any.
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Re: Dreipeds, Daelans, Gorrans, & Hykhot Names

Postby az_gamer » Thu Jun 30, 2016 2:15 am

I haven't done much with the other races yet but I would be interested to see what people have come up with. Normally if I need an alien name I use one of the popular sci-fi name generators and if the name seems to fit it sticks. I would think the Goran would have a very harsh hiss reptilian type sounding names and the Hykhot would have unusual bubbly or throaty sounding names like the sound a toad or frog would make. Dreipeds are still pretty mysterious as the rule book doesn't have much to say other than their enslavement and arboreal lifestyle. They may have more of a sing-song like names / language or possibly something like a howler monkey might make.

You could use the race names a cue for naming conventions using similar sounding phonetics.
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