Maybe Its Beryllium Poisoning

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Maybe Its Beryllium Poisoning

Postby az_gamer » Sun Mar 13, 2016 10:51 pm

Beryllium is metallic element that is commonly used in aero-space components due to its non-sparking, light weight, and strong composition. This white grey metallic substance is often combined with other metals to make new alloys that are very useful in space travel. While this element is very useful it is also very toxic and can cause chronic illness in the form of Berylliosis which is a respiratory disorder caused by Beryllium poisioning. Berylliosis can appear to be similar to tuberculosis or COPD resulting in inflammation of the lungs and formation of nodules inside the lungs.

Exposure to Beryllium either in contact with components or inhaled particles can result in Berylliosis in lifeforms that breath oxygen / nitrogen atmosphere and have iron based blood. Silicon Lifeforms appear to be immune to Berylliosis. Taurans, Zangid, and Videni are susceptible to contracting the contact disease but have a stronger tolerance and resistance to it.

So obviously the Berylliun sphere is a real thing but its not bronz-ish gold in color and you wouldn't want to be pushing one around a class F planet even if your ship needed one unless in a space suit. Better yet, let the Android or the ship's robot push it around, problem solved :)
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