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Palladium's DEAD REIGN

Postby Blood axe » Mon Apr 01, 2013 11:01 pm

I have the 4 books that I could find of Palladium's Dead Reign game. As you might have guessed, its a Zombie game. The system is way too much for me, but it has some neat ideas.
Different types of Zombies....
Crawlers- Zombies that have lost a good part of their body(like legs or lower half) and crawl around, but can fit/hide in small areas.
Thinkers- retain some memories or skills.
Pattern - zombies that keep going through a pattern of their old life. Like a computer tech, that just sits at a desk and types at a keyboard all day/night, even though it has no power & the monitor is smashed.
My favorite is the Mock Zombie. Very rare. He does not believe he is a Zombie. He talks, thinks, has skills/memories. He thinks he has some kind of disease. It may even save humans from the "real" Zombies. But.....eventually it gets hungry.......
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